Ross Capili: The Genius of Color

The genius of Ross Capili’s art is in his colors. He paints them in varied shades and strokes with different media on many surfaces. Then, he layers them — glass on wood, wood on wood, mounted on glass — and uses many other wizardries rarely imagined or done before.

Ross’s brilliance comes from his command of the science. Life colors are addictive. So, Ross splashes his work with them; and as we are hopelessly hooked, he takes us to the language of forms and formlessness. He makes flower ribbons and puts them inside a glass receptacle . We look inside to find butterflies seemingly in a dance. And then, he further reveals the receptacle is shaped like a heart, which when paired with another, the two resemble a butterfly — the pledge, turn, and prestige of a different form of magic. And sometimes, we say what a silly thing to do, but we can’t help but love it. Ross knows he’s got it, the genius of color, his play is our enchantment.

Author: Leon de Pola

Semiotician by profession. Philosopher by vocation.

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